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Wrestling matches - Lara vs Olga


Two wrestling matches in swimsuits with total 238 pictures. Fighters - Olga and Lara.

1 Photoset - Wrestling match between over grey background in studio, both wearing one-piece swimsuits and black fishnet pantyhoses. This image set features lots of grappling techniques and wrestling holds.  Majorly wrestling on the ground and on the knees with lots of chokeholds and body- and neckscissor holds, nelson holds, and wrestling action in every imaginable position. Also arm- and leg twisting, arm breaker holds, pinholds and smotherholds. (70 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

2 Photoset - This photoset set with 168 images is characterized by wrestling moves. Olga in green leotard fights savagely, using a myriad of techniques against her opponent - Lara, in blue swimsuit. It is a mix of "no-holds-barred" action with lots of ground fighting and wrestling holds. This is definitely a set that will be enjoyed by fans of wrestling holds. (168 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

SET SIZE - (37,5 MB - zipped file)

TOTAL PICS IN 2 SETS - 238 images

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388 - 388 of 401 results