Heroine vs guards – Sabrina vs Amelie, Vera


We are proud to present our scripted and well-choreographed fight between heroine - Sabrina, who fights against both guards – Vera and Amelie, who dressed in black shiny uniforms, pantyhoses, overknee boots and armed with weapons. As Vera and Amelie have seen the heroine, they both immediately attacked her. Grabbing and twisting heroine’s arms behind her back, they begun to punch and kick her, landing their slugs to very sensitive areas. Sabrina taken the blows waiting for the right moment and the moment came. She quickly disarms both guards and she took the control over the fight in her own hands. You will be witness of amazing 2 against 1 struggle with lots of dirty moves during the battle and fantastic fighting action. This struggle goes back and forth, till Sabrina knocks both guards out, disamrs them and shot both guards from their own weapons. We are sure you will enjoy these great role-playing offering three sexy girls in hot outfits and fantastic story behind!



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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 108 images

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