Tonfa defense – Renee vs Vera


What a great fight in an indoor setting over white background between young and gorgeous ladies – Renee and Vera! In this one, Renee armed with a tonfa and she takes on Vera, who fights weaponless. Vera dressed in metalic golden pants and golden top, Renee in black hotpants and skin-tight tube top. The beating both opponents give and receive is very intense, with an amazing number of blows to the face, breasts, belly, and crotch for each combatant. Renee uses her tonfa very skillful in the fight, using the stick as a powerful weapon applying many painful wrestling holds and hard thrusts to her opponent. It turns out to be a fabulous fight between these two beauties! A must for those who like emotional and expressiv indoor self-defense fights with sexy well buillt women in smoking hot outfits.



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