Conflict in office – Daisy, Jillian, Elena and Renee


Time for another super tag team battle, or to be more exact, 3 against 1 catfight. Beautiful Daisy, Elena and Jillian take on Renee. All four ladies attired in hot business clothes - skirts, blouses, stockings and spiked high heels. Daisy, Elena and Jillian have a seriously conflict with the boss - Renee, instantly jumping on her. The unfair 3-on-1 battle begins, but what a mistake! The three beauties punishes cute Renee for a while, then Renee gains the upper hand, letting know the girls who is the boss in the house. Non-stop action as there is no mercy in this brawl. The finish finds three beauties lying on the ground and on the table in sprawling positions and triumphed winner over beaten losers! What a catfight with four wonderful women.


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 98 images

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