Two rounds struggle in heels – Renee vs Laura


Gorgeous Laura takes on the fitness beauty Renee. Renee and Laura are wearing spandex tight fitting gymnastic leotards and high heels and are ready for the down-and-dirty hitting struggle. This prolonged punching fight begins quickly as Renee surprises Laura with a sudden crotch punch, followed with a hard knee hit between Laura’s legs. During the battle Renee and Laura deliver a lot of punishment to their opponent, especially crotch area is the favorite target by the both women. The fight goes back and forth and featuring a myriad of down-and-dirty techniques. Face punches, breast attacks, belly slugging, crotch hitting and heel stomping – all here. Most of the attacks are aimed right to the very sensitive areas of their beautiful bodies. Crotches are battered many times during the fight from both fighters. A superb no-rules catfight between very sexy ladies!



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