Fencing Duel - Renee vs Fiona


By popular demand, we offer a new fantasy rapier fencing duel between our beautiful duelists - Renee and Fiona -. Renee, clothed in black mini dress, long black gloves, pantyhoses and over knee boots duels with Fiona, in white skin-tight mini dress, fishnet pantyhose and spiked ankle boots. The fencing class takes place in front of a big mirror. These combatants are quick with their rapiers and vast in their knowledge of the places where to hit with series of well-placed attacks into each other's breast, stomachs and lower belly. In addition to that both women use their fists, knees and legs trying to defeat the opponent. The short dresses make both women look very gorgeous, showing off their beautiful curves. Another outstanding fantasy fencing duel with gorgeous fighters and this one is just a must for your collection!


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