Punching bag Fiona – Vicky and Blanca vs Fiona


Three hotties, Fiona versus Vicky and Blanca, going at it in a wild two-on-one double teaming and slugging destruction, how fabulous is this! Fiona is wearing denim jacket, red cut-off pants and over knee boots. Blanca and Vicky are dressed in leather jackets and denim pants, both in high heels. Quickly Fiona becomes Vicky and Blanca punching bag, except this punching bag could fight back, sometimes. This image set features almost continuous two versus one body hitting slugfest. Holding in place by one woman, Fiona received many dozen blows into her well-formed body. Face punches, belly kicking and punching, knees to the crotch – the beating is so intense that Fiona literally gets knocked out cold from such pounding from both ladies.


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 113 images

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