All against All bikini cave battle


Awesome all against all bikini cave battle between – Lexxi, Laura, Blanca and Renee. The small and very tight fitting bikinis the women wear make this catfight in the cave extremely hot and unique, which is enhanced by the fact these women attack the sensitive places on their opponent's body. The catfight starts immediately with each women give a great show through the action. Plenty of tag-team, two-on-two, two-on-one and three-on-one fighting action, also belly slugs, breast punches, knee attacks to the belly and between the legs, kicking, chokeholds, hair-pullings, amazing crotch uppercuts, painful lower belly kicking. These four bikini clad beauties use excellent fighting stances and expressions that make everything extremely exciting! They battle to complete exhaustion until one winner triumphs over three beaten losers. Just amazing bikini catfight in the cave!


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