Catfight on the beach – Vera vs Sabrina


Catfight on the beach between two bikini clad women - Vera and Sabrina is a truly exciting and full of fantastic action. Both young beauties know how to real catfight in an sand beach location. Sabrina wears red stylish stretchy and tight-fitting bikini which show off her beautiful tanned and well trained body. Vera, in black bikni top, mini skirt and bikini bottom. The image set starts off as Sabrina jumps on Vera from behind, trying to choke her. Vera fights back and no-rules catfight begins. Breast punches, amazing knee attacks between the legs, belly and face punches, and all out general mayhem, as both girls use to decide which is the best woman. In the end, a well aimed breast punch puts one of the girls completely out!



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from on 9/11/2020
like contrast of pale blond tan brunet