Yoga Struggle – Lexxi vs Renee and Blanca


It's a sunny day, as two beauties - Renee and Blanca - in their best shape meet each other by the swimming pool to workout together. Both are wearing skin-tight fitness outfits and ballet flats. The hot sun is beautiful reflected on their skin. Lexxi is a trainer, in red leotard and white pants. They start out their workout on the ground, but Renee and Blanca are unhappy with Lexxi as a trainer and immediately the uncontrolled 2-on-1 catfight inflames. Slugging to the face, breast, belly and especially crotch area are common tactic by Renee and Blanca. When Renee is done, then Blanca furiously attacks, landing her blows into vulnerable and open body of Lexxi. A final combination of a crotch kick and chin uppercut knocks Lexxi completely out. Renee and Blanca then pose over the defeated opponent who is lying limp and sprawled on the grass! Fans of 2-on-1 slugging battles will surely want this image set.



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