Friendly Fire – Laura vs Amelie


Be a witness of fantastic and very sexy fantasy gunbattle action and role-play in an indoor setting in front of the white brick wall. Gorgeous agents – Amelie and Laura – are two spies and wearing revealing black shiny leather-look clothing. Amelie dressed in black shiny pants, lingerie top and leather jacket, Laura in black spandex body, fishnet pantyhose and shiny overknee boots. First, both girls are working together as a team, you will see lots of posing images with guns from both spies. But soon Amelie cheats attacking Laura from behind, after a short hand-combat with guns, Amelie gains the upper hand, shooting Laura from her machine gun. As Amelie thought she was done with Laura, she was surprised as Laura shoots her from the revoler gun! Amazing facial expressions, great posing scenes, very cool shootout scenes, hand-combat action and sexy black and shiny outfits highlight this fantastic image set. Fans of female gunbattle action will thrill, as this life and death struggle unfolds! Both women got professional hair styling and make-up, so they look very gorgeous in their outfits. A truly don't miss image set featuring two hot looking spies!



3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 71 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 126 images

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