Fight in Jeans – Vera vs Renee


What a great no-holds-barred fight in an indoor setting over white background between young and gorgeous ladies – Renee and Vera! These two rivals get together to know who is better fighter in the house. Both are wearing denim jeans and long-sleeved tops, both barefoot. The beating both opponents give and receive is very intense, with an amazing number of blows to the face, breasts, belly, and crotch for each combatant. Vera and Renee are excellent fighters who fight hard and don't want to lose. Over and over they slam their fists into opponent's body - it turns out to be a fabulous fight between these two beauties! Also wrestling holds like – underarm chokeholds, atomic drops, smother holds and bear hugs are used in the battle. A nasty heel crotch stomp ends this contest. A must for those who like emotional and expressiv indoor fights with sexy well buillt women in denim jeans and tops.


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Excellent. Worth every penny.
from on 9/29/2020
Great scenario and the images are of high quality. The performances of both the beautiful ladies are outstanding, with the facial expressions and action poses superb.

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