Catsuits catfight – Marta vs Nastja


Down-and-dirty catfighting here! Marta and Nastja look extremely gorgeous in their shiny catsuit outfits in this bout. Nastja is gorgeous in a blue catsuit. Marta’s pink catsuit is even smaller, showing off her perfect curves of her slender body. In this fight both women use punching, kicking, kneeing, stomping, crotch claw holds, smother holds and choking. Anything is considered fair game, and both of them specifically target the area between their opponent’s legs for particular attention. The fight goes back and forth with each woman taking a beating until Marta overwhelms Nastja and finishes her off with some incredibly vicious beating below the belt! Definitely a set for fans of Marta and Nastja, or for anyone who wants to see hot women demolishing each other!



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