No-Rules brawl in studio – Marta vs Nastja


Two of our toughest beauties – Marta and Nastja, wearing lycra string gymnastic leoatrds and ballet flats square off to see who can better wrestle. This prolonged private-commissioned fight features lots of grappling techniques, nasty hitting below the belt, punching and kicking and wrestling holds like - various nelson holds, bearhugs, atomic drops, test of strength, armbars, figure-four-legholds, crotch claw holds from the front and back, scissorholds, chokeholds, arm twisting, pinholds on the ground, vicious heel stomping right between the legs and lots more. The fight goes back and forth, with each woman having the advantage in turn. Fantastic no-holds-barred match with beautiful ladies and very hot fight over white background in the studio!


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