Bikini catfight in swimming pool – Renee vs Laura


Enjoy our bikini catfight in the swimming pool and mouth-watering fighting action in the blue water. Renee, dressed in white bikinis, takes on Laura, in sexy red and white striped bikinis. As Laura wanted to swim in the swimming pool, Renee however, seemed disturbed, maybe by Laura's presence and her gorgeous body. She kicked her in the back in the pool water. The fierce catfight in the swimming pool erupts with unbelievable power and wild action – punching, kicking, knee to the crotch, breast attacks, arm-twisting, leg scissorholds, hair pullings, amazing crotch slugs and lots of down-and-dirty catfighting action in the water. Both ladies scream as their beautiful bodies are pounded. Just spectacular brawl with two glisten gorgeous bodies as they catfight in the swimming pool. We can be curious of who will win this fight.


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