2-on-2 tangle – Laura, Lexxi vs Renee, Blanca


Laura and Lexxi, two goddesses with perfect bodies to do battle with Renee and Blanca, who look magnificent in their beach wear. Quarrel by the swimming pool turns into a serious 2-on-2 catfight with plenty of holds, slugging and dirty tricks. These four gorgeuos models want to ravage each other. In the middle of the fight, Renee was knocked out and now Lexxi and Laura take on sexy Blanca. The unfair 2-on-1 beating begins! Breast, belly and crotch are battered and there is no escape. These two really destroy beautiful Blanca, knocking her completely out. You do not want to miss these fantastic outdoor images with four hot-looking ladies!


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 60 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 85 images

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