Street girls catfight – Carma vs Danni


This dynamite no-rules catfight takes place in an outdoor setting in old fabric ruins. These perfect bodies get bruised and battered as our both newcomers – Carma and Danni take turns in punishing each other with a wide array of holds and slugging action. Both are wearing street clothes. Plenty of your favorite attacks here - face punching, knee attacks, belly hitting, kickings, hair-pullings, bearhugs, scissorholds, chokeholds, sleeperholds and lots more. Both gang beauties got professional hair styling and make-up, so they look very tempting in their black street clothes. Outstanding catfight with full of down-and-dirty action, dominance, rage and beauty. Welcome to our team – Carma and Danni!


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 90 images

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