Sensibility attacks – Marta vs Olga


In this private-commissioned image set the main objective for each woman is to do the most damage possible to the breasts and crotch of their opponent! Long-legged Marta and gorgeous Olga are very experienced catfighters, and each one knows the best ways break the weak spots on the female body to defeat an opponent. Throughout this unusual catfight Marta and Olga both attack their adversary’s most delicate areas, making it not just a contest of who is a better fighter, but also a test of which woman can withstand more attacks to sensitive areas. Marta drives her fists over and over into Olga’s well-formed breasts which leaves Olga looking stunned. But Olga counterattacks with unbelievable and numerous crotch attacks! Then again Marta stomps on Olga’s crotch and digs her spike heel into lower parts... The fight is even better because both are dressed in skin-tight gymnastic outfits and high heels, and look just wonderfully sexy! Not only are their blows well done, but also their expressions are perfect. Must have for all fans of Marta and Olga!


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 59 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 126 images

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