Fighting Dirty – Lexxi vs Stella


Low blows and dirty fighting are the rules here in this private-commissioned catfight between Lexxi and Stella, and if you are a fan of either you will love this image set. Lexxi dressed in swimsuit, Stella in black spandex wrestling suit, both barefoot. This is a back and forth punching struggle featuring only one goal – smashing opponent’s crotch area! Crotches are battered many times during the fight from both fighters. A superb low blow and dirty fight between sexy ladies!



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When girls show off their assets at a play fight…
from on 2/15/2019
Stella’s black gymnastics leotard clings to every contour of her vulva, giving her a cameltoe that makes her look so sexy, and so vulnerable (the leotard would look even hotter in a lighter color).
Lexxi looks equally daring, showing off her subtle feminine curves in a clinging blue swimsuit.
Stella tries to hit Lexxi, but she blocks it. Lexxi has a wicked look of delight on her face as she fights back with a karate chop right into Stella’s most vulnerable target.
Stella portrays a perfect look of anguish as her bulging cameltoe gets hit again and again. She retaliates with hits to Lexxi’s pussy, but Stella takes too many low blows and ends up lying on the floor.
The sharp photography and bright lighting give us an exciting view of all the action.