Catfight over Gift – Alisha vs Jillian


Catfight over gift in christmas decorated location between two gorgeous catfighting models – Alisha and Jillian. Both women wear very short party dresses, pantyhoses and high heels. And the fight was amazing and super hot as these two young and beautiful models presented very tough action and finest catfighting. The catfight starts off with sexy posing images from both models before camera and then a real catfight over christmas gift ensues as Jillian slaps Alisha, trying to grab the gift. You can feel the animosity on the stage, as these two models clash for supremacy. Hair-pullings, breast punching, belly attacks, knee hits below the belt, face punching, chokeholds and wrestling moves, nasty kicking as first one girl and then the other gain advantage. Absolutely action packed catfight by the most beautiful and sexy women in our production! A must-have for fans of both fighters and down-and-dirty catfighting action in this wonderful decorated location!


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 145 images

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