Total control II – Marta vs Nastja


Total destruction part is another sizzling domination catfight between fitness women – Marta and Nastja – and it features some of the hottest wrestling action you have ever seen! Both women start out in spandex gymnastic outfits and high heels. It is one-sided, no-holds-barred fight, where Nastja dominates Marta during the whole struggle. The domination fight starts with lots of finger breaking holds and armbars, mixed with neckholds and skillful wrestling in stand and on the ground. During the struggle, Nastja changed her assault on Marta and starts to attack Marta’s crotch area. She punches and kicks Marta’s groin, using the sensitive area to completely destroy her opponent. Especially painful for Marta was a high heel stomping between her long legs! Marta and Nastja did a fantastic job in this fight, showing off their abilities in some very hot action. Definitely worth getting this set if you like either one of these girls, or just enjoy one-sided destruction.


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