Bikini Brawl - Laura vs Irene


This catfight is just OUTSTANDING, perfect bodies and perfect fighting action! Laura and Irene are extremely gorgeous in their bikinis. The action is incredibly intense, depicting numerous and fantastically well done attacks from both beauties, including grappling holds, breast attacks, knee hits, punching and kicking mixed with choke holds. These women really know how to catfight, and they are at their hottest here. Both put on a first class catfight, showing off their high level of skill. This is a must-see set for fans of either fighter, as well as for anyone who likes watching hot women fighting!


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Customer ratings for Bikini Brawl - Laura vs Irene

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Hot fighting in hot bikinis
from on 2/9/2019
Laura looks seductive in a shiny silver bikini, while Irene looks very daring in a shiny blue bikini that clings to every curve, giving her a dazzling cameltoe.
They start sexy-dancing together, but it soon turns into a fight.
Mean Irene goes straight to fighting dirty and knees Laura right in the pussy. Laura gets revenge with a kick to Irene’s glittering cameltoe. Irene is dazed, but she recovers and fights back.
There is lots of great back-and-forth action, and lots of hits to sensitive places, and the hot bikinis make the action exciting.
The girls give excellent performances, acting and reacting with great postures and expressions.
The lighting is bright, the images are sharp, and several closer shots give us a better view of the hot outfits.

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