Two Dancers catfight - Amanda vs Tina


These two gorgeous dancers engage in exciting one-sided catfight you won't want to miss! On one side - Amanda, in blue shiny, tight-fitting minidress and high heels and on another side - Tina, in black denim jeans, corsage, high heels and black leather gloves. This is one-sided domination, where Tina has a upperhand all the time. The beating is intense, with an amazing number of punches, kicks, knee attacks, slaps, chokeholds, hand over mouth, sleeper holds, chokeholds, painful wrestling holds and vicious catfighting. The expressions used by both women are amazingly good and make the action more ferocious.



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Customer ratings for Two Dancers catfight - Amanda vs Tina

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Pretty good
from on 1/7/2019
Amanda looks very sexy in defeat, though sometimes her expressions are not realistic. Tina sometimes over emotes but looks great.