GYM Catfight - Mela vs Sammy


Great image set with Sammy and beautiful Mela, and some very exciting action in the GYM. This is a mix of slugging and wrestling action between two gorgeous women, many of the punches, kicks and stomps applied to the most sensitive spots on the female body and wrestling action like chinlocks, chokeholds, armbreaker and neckholds. If you like your action rough and tough, then you will enjoy this image set with beautiful and long-legged women in hot gymnastic outfits.


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Customer ratings for GYM Catfight - Mela vs Sammy

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Hot workout girls like to show off and play fight
from on 2/14/2019
Delightful young Mela is in the dance studio stretching and showing off in a stretchy yellow leotard that gives her a cute little cameltoe.
Sammy walks in wearing a bright orange leotard that reveals the subtle curves of her womanhood.
Sammy teases Mela, and Mela kicks Sammy right between the legs.
Mela stands there with her legs wide apart, daring Sammy to retaliate. Sammy strikes back with a kick to Mela’s bulging cameltoe.
Sammy grabs Mela and the struggle begins. The girls give us a clever mix of fun fighting action, and give each other several heartless low blows.
The girls give good performances; you can feel their mutual antagonism. Did these girls come to the studio intending to exercise or to fight?
The bright lighting, high resolution and sharp photography highlight the action, with a few closer shots of those hot outfits.

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