3 way fencing battle - Mia vs Olga, Marta


Fantasy rapier fencing duel with our beautiful women - Mia, Olga and Marta. Mia in orange leotard, leggings and high heels takes on blonde Olga in blue swimsuit and heels. Marta in her aerobic outfit plays the referee. Mia and Olga are quick with their rapiers and vast in their knowledge of the places where to hit. You will see hits into each other's breast, belly and even crotch area. Marta counts the hits during the battle, but as she makes a mistake Olga attacks her, knocking her out with quick rapier thrust. The outfits make all women look very gorgeous, showing off their beuatiful curves. Another great fantasy fencing battle featuring three gorgeous women!


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Showing off their most vulnerable targets
from on 02/14/2019
Gorgeous Mia wears a bright orange leotard that hugs her crotch and outlines her feminine contours.
Olga looks great in a bright blue swimsuit, but too bad she is wearing pantyhose that hide the subtle curves of her womanhood, making the swimsuit less revealing.
Tall, beautiful Marta acts as referee. She looks hot in a light grey leotard and dark grey thong that shows off her curves.
On all three girls, the stretchy spandex shows off their firm nipples, making the breasts a favorite target for both fighters.
Fun performances are given by all three girls. Mia looks young and uncertain, Olga looks experienced and confident, while Marta seems not to care when the other girls get stabbed in some very sensitive places.
But then Marta unexpectedly gets stabbed in her own sensitive places by an aggrieved Olga. Marta’s expression of shock and pain is perfect when she gets Olga’s point right in the breast and right into the top of her female cleft!
With Marta playing dead on the floor, Mia looks worried that she might get the same painful treatment.
The sharp photography, bright lighting and great performances make this a photoset to view again and again.

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