Collection fights - Jessi vs Amanda

This is a collection of 5 photosets with total 411 pictures.
Collection Catfighting Image Sets - Jessi vs Amanda

1 Photoset - Thaiboxing fight - Amanda and Jessi, both are in boxing gloves and thaiboxing pants. Plenty of wild kickboxing action with punching, kicking, kneeling, chokeholds and elbow hits. There is no referee and no holds are barred as these young fighters punch, kick and kneel into each other's face, breast, belly and even crotch area. (75 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

2 Photoset - Amanda and Jessi, clad in party dresses and high heels meet each other on the bench. Plenty of belly punching, hair pulling, chokeholds, knee attacks, heel kicks, grappling and slugging. The loser is completely devastated with a painful crotch kick, sliding down unconscious on the ground (95 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

3 Photoset - For those of you that like hot leather outfits and exciting catfighting action - here is it, a fabulous catfight that shows off these two gorgeous females in great fighting action. A image set with every possible type of fighting - arm twisting and pulling, knee on the back, elbow hits, face punches, arm breaker holds, belly and breast punches, crotch attacks, choke holds, hair pulling, painful high heels stomping and more. (99 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

4 Photoset - Amanda and Jessi - get into a vicious slugging fight with padded gloves and tapped hands. Amanda wears one-piece suit, Jessi in white bikini. The action is absolutely non-stop in this brawl, with high and low kicks, punches to all body parts, wrestling holds, knee hits, pinholds at the wall, arm twisting, and elbow attacks going on continuously. Great "no-rules" fight until one girl is lying limp and exhausted on the ground (60 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

5 Photoset - By popular demand our gorgeous women - Amanda and Jessi - go to the GYM room to fight each other with short sticks, a form of combat that is appealing to more and more of our customers. A fight involving a combination of techniques, including blows with sticks as well as punches, knees, and kicks. The main targets in this fight are the breast, belly and crotch area; however each also uses wrestling holds. (82 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

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