Marie vs Olga Collection Fights Part II

This is a collection of 5 photosets with total 375 pictures.
Marie vs Olga Collection Catfighting Sets

1 Photoset - Catfight between business women - Marie and Olga. The conflict starts in a conference room, where blonde Marie is in front of her boss - Olga, holding a presentation. As Olga points out to some mistakes in a presentation, Marie flipped out and the office catfight begins. You will see the fierce catfight with lots of slugging action, knee attacks to the belly and crotch area, chokeholds, painful grappling holds, hair pulling and nasty catfighting attacks. (80 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1500x1000).

2 Photoset - In this no rules catfight with plenty of slugging, catfighting and breasts attacks both women are dressed in party mini-dresses, pantyhoses and high heels. Both catfighters give and receive a fierce pounding. Even attacking each other's faces, breasts, bellies and even crotches - these two beauties fight to a humiliating end as one girl lying unconscious and beaten on the ground. (79 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1500x1000).

3 Photoset - Blonde Marie in her blue gymnastic leotard and pantyhose fights against her rival Olga, in black one-piece swimsuit and pantyhose. Constant action in tight aerobic outfits with plenty of face, breast, belly and even crotch punching, stomach and groin kicking, knee attacks, wrestling holds - like bearhugs, neckholds and chokeholds. (86 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1500x1000).

4 Photoset - Both fighters are extremely vicious, using a myriad of painful slugs and effective wrestling holds! Wild action with plenty of punching to all areas, chair hits, breast grappling, leg scisssorholds, elbow hits, neckholds and dirty catfighting action until one gains the upper hand. (70 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1500x1000).

5 Photoset - In this photoset our beautiful girls show you again various self defense skills and how to disable the opponent with effective grappling holds and painful hits. Body attacks, wrestling holds like scissorholds and chokeholds, crotch kicks and stomps highlight this fantastic photoset. The loser is completely devastated and lying unconscious on the ground. (60 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1500x1000).

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