One-Sided stick battle - Renee vs Daisy


A private-commissioned image set with gorgeous women - Renee and Daisy. This is ultimate one-sided stick busting domination! Evil Renee using a metal pipe to deliver amazing punishment to the most sensitive areas of Daisy's body. Both ladies are wearing lycra gymnastic outfits that show off all their female curves wonderfully. Daisy receives numerous hits to her belly, breast and between the legs, being jabbed and smashed with a stick repeatedly. If you love to watch one-sided domination and repeated stick busting, then you must see this great image set.


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 98 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 125 images

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Customer ratings for One-Sided stick battle - Renee vs Daisy

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Looking powerful and vulnerable in revealing spandex
from on 2/14/2019
Daisy’s yellow gymnastic leotard hugs all the curves her lithe, young body. The way it shows off her womanhood makes her look very sexy, but also very vulnerable.
Renee is stunning in a yellow leotard with no bra. The thin yellow spandex lets her beautiful nipples show through, and it clings to her feminine curves, giving her a wicked cameltoe -- one of the most revealing outfits that sexy Renee has fought in. It makes her look very daring and powerful as she totally dominates poor Daisy.
Renee uses a stick to repeatedly hit Daisy in the breasts, belly and pussy. Too bad Daisy isn’t able to fight back -- Renee deserves to get hit right in that bulging cameltoe.
Both girls give great performances as Daisy reacts with fear, pain and exhaustion, and Renee shows off her hot body and her bad-ass meanness.
The sharp photography and good lighting make the action hotter.

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