Lingerie motel catfights - Marta vs Olga


Two lingerie and bikini catfights between Marta and Olga in the motel. First prolonged catfight features outstanding pillow catfight on the bed. Besides pillow fight, they both giving each other painful lessons, their fists never stop as they slug the softest parts of the body repeatedly. Each woman is attacking each other using a variety of techniques including pillow slugs, punches, elbows, stomps, kicks, pinholds, chokeholds, rolling and catfighting on the bed. Lots of breast, belly and crotch attacks. The second part features - Marta in silver bikini, and Olga in light blue cottom underwear. You will see plenty of face, breast, belly and crotch punching, wrestling and choking holds, kicks to the belly and between the legs, groin hits and crotch stomps. The action is constant and vicious, mostly on the bed, at the wall and chair.


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