Stickfight – Laura and Irene


An awesome battle and a fantastic stickfight too! Both gymnastic women – Irene and Laura are experienced catfighters who give one of the best performances ever in this set. Both concentrate on the weakest points of the female body, with incredible results, although both women also strike anything else that happens to present itself as a possibility. The skimpy gymnastic outfits display each woman’s sexy form nicely. Irene uses her two sticks to give Laura’s belly and crotch a very destructive workout as she tries to smash her opponent out. For her part, Laura uses several vicious and devastating techniques on Irene’s body. Both women strike the belly multiple times. Many of the fighting sequences are outstanding. Part of what makes it work so well is that both women know how to use their expressions so perfectly. What helps even more is that they know how to deliver perfectly placed blows to all areas of the female body. Laura and Irene look red hot, and the action is super exciting!


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