On the beach fight – Lexxi vs Renee


That's right here is a new beach clash between old rivals – Lexxi and Renee. Lexxi, that gorgeous beauty with the hot body has on her golden short dress and white bikini and she is up against Renee, dressed also in golden mini dress, both barefoot. These women are in no mood for anything fake and they quickly show how painful the catfight can really be, using all tricks they have in repertoire. Watch as they fall over each other, constantly attacking the sensitive areas of their beautiful bodies – wrestling holds, knee hits between the legs, breast and face punching, crotch claw holds, belly punches and kicking. Mini beach dresses show off their beautiful tanned bodies as they bitter catfight on the beach to the finish. The ocean waves in the background and beautiful girls catfighting on the beach make this image set unique and worth seeing!


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