Studio bikini fights - Inga vs Olga


Image Set 1 - In this battle, both women fight the entire time, with little advantage to either until the very end. Counterblows are continuous throughout the bout. Punching, choking, knees, and elbows are all used extensively. An unusual move is seeing the women choking each other with their skirts: a unique touch!

Image Set 2 - This is a hitting and grappling catfight in a studio over grey background. Long legged Inga in zebra striped bikini hooks up with blonde Olga in tight shiny silver bikini. Both are in high heels. These catfighters surprise each other with blows to the breast, belly and even crotch and using lots of grappling holds. The distressed loser gets tormeneted with painful lower belly stomp with a high heel.


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