Angry housewives – Sabrina vs Jillian


Super sexy catfight with angry housewives, that describes sexy hellcats – Sabrina and Jillian and they are destined to have a super housewive catfight. The kitchen is their fighting place and the kitchen utensils are their fighting tools. It does not matter what kind of cooking utensils they have in their hands – it’s anything goes! Kitchen knifes and towels are used in the fight, brilliantly shown unusual fighting skills by both super housewives. You won't expect how fast and skillful they demonstrate effective disarming techniques and counterattacks, usually used by owner of black belt fighters! It’s just a must have for all fans of both women and super sexy catfight until bitter end and unusual location!


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 68 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 100 images

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