Wrestling in swimsuits – Vera vs Sabrina


If you like competitive wrestling with fine bodyscissors, headlocks, legbars, underarm chokeholds, chinlocks, armbars or pinholds, its all here in this terrific image set in an outdoor setting. Two very beautiful women – Vera and Sabrina - attired in tight one-piece swimsuits wrestle in the beach sand in peaceful outdoor setting. Great wrestling match, mixed with no-holds-barred fight, face punching and belly kicking and super turn-on holds between these two terrific looking ladies delight this picture set. The match ends with nasty crotch stomps, sending a opponent into blackness. The furious of the action caused by viewing this image set will surely takes your breath away!


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 100 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 124 images

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