Kim vs Olga bikini fights


Image set 1 - Blonde Olga, in silver bikinis, tangles with our newcomer Kim, in stripes bikini. Both women punch and wrestle each other as this beautiful duel ends with knocked out girl lying on the ground! Plenty of wild action with punching, hair-pulling, chocking, knee hits, grappling and elbow slugs. This is an no-holds-barred, intense battle between beautiful bikini clad women who will excite you. (79 images - 3504x2336 pixels).

Image set 2 - These bikini beauties are great catfighters! Kim and Olga look luscious in their revealing swimsuits as they fight it out. The bikinis worn by both women highlight the targets which both strike the most often – the breasts and crotch area. Both fight hard, but Olga gains the upper hand and pounds Kim into total defeat, making an extra effort to really destroy her breasts with many punches! (78 images - 3504x2336 pixels).


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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 81 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 158 images

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