Nicki vs Olga collection set

Nicki vs Olga collection set

This is a collection of 4 photosets with total 303 pictures. Fights with models - Nicki and Olga.

1 Photoset - Catfight in leotards (75 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933) Both women attack the weak spots of their opponent's body. There is punching, kicking, stomping, elbow and knee hits, and wrestling moves - a great deal of variety! The skin tight leotards combined with the skillful destruction make the pictures especially dramatic.

2 Photoset - Catfight in shiny pants (85 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933). These are two women in shiny outfits, and they engage in one of the most all-out catfights ever. The beating both opponents give and receive is very intense, with an amazing number of blows to the breasts, belly, and crotch for each combatant.

3 Photoset - Catfight in skirts with toygun (73 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933). It is a no-holds-barred fight where anything goes, plenty of belly punching, groin kicking, wrestling holds and catfighting.

4 Photoset - Self defense class (70 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933). Olga and Nicki - show us various self defense skills and how to disable the opponent with effective and painful hits right to where it hurts.

SET SIZE - (37,4 MB - zipped file)

TOTAL PICS IN 4 SETS - 303 images

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