Kira vs Nastja Fights

Image Set 1 - Kira and Nastja provide a ferocious catfight where each woman tries to smash her opponent’s sensitive parts with everything they have! They both do a lot of damage to each other until Kira finally gets the advantage and totally destroys Nastja. Plenty of sofa action, grappling and choking holds, breasts grabbing and punches, belly punching, crotch attacks and heels stomping, elbow hits and knee hits.

Image Set 2 - These two beautiful gymnastic fighters, in lycra leotards and shiny pantyhose clash in "no-rules" catfighting punching and wrestling action with variety of devestating attacks to the most sensitive areas on each other's lovely bodies. Both girls use dirty tactics, punching, kicking, stomping and knee attacks, concentrating their hits on breast, belly and even crotch area.

Image Set 3 - Kira appears in skin-tight gold pants and a see-through mesh top, while Nastja wears tight gold hot pants and an equally tight top. Their outfits make the action much more exciting, as the most sensitive parts of each woman’s body are perfectly sculpted, making them into ideal targets – and each woman takes full advantage of the opportunity to strike them relentlessly.

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1450x967 pixels

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 234 images in 3 Image Sets

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