Cage Fights Collection - Inga vs Olga

This is a collection of 6 photosets with total 552 pictures.
Inga vs Olga Collection Set - Fights in the cage

1 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 1 - Hands are tapped, clad in black leather outfits and shiny high heels. Absolutely anything goes with lots of chokeholds, disarm skills, crotch knee attacks and belly punching. (78 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

2 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 2 - The combination of punches and knee hits, along with several painful holds makes an exciting fight to watch. Excellent photography, nice choreography, beautiful women in tight fitting lycra spandex leotards, and a fantastically vicious fight to the finish. (104 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

3 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 3 - Bikini catfight in the cage. This round highlighted various kicking, punching and wrestling action. Both girls use their legs trying to kick most vulnerable points of their sexy bodies. (63 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 14000x933).

4 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 4 - Both Olga and Inga put on an exciting display and look awesome in their aerobic leotards. Hands are tapped and the fighting is well done, and magnificiently enhanced by the expressions and stances used by the combatants. (103 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

5 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 5 - Lots of street fighting action, self defense skills and of course painful attacks to the most sensitive places. This slugging battle ends with painful stomping to the belly and crotch. (88 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

6 Photoset - Cage Fight Round 6 - Catfight in shiny pants and tops, with lots of anything goes action and hits to sensitive places. The fierce battle ends with cruel punches and stomps to opponents belly, breast and crotch! (116 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933).

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