Marta vs Nastja bikini fights

This is a collection of 3 photosets with total 196 pictures. Bikini Fights with models - Marta and Nastja.

1 Photoset - Bikini punching outdoor (53 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1100x733) This is definitely a set that will be enjoyed by fans of punching action. Punching to the face, breast and crotch area, kicking between the legs and high heel stomping to the groin area.

2 Photoset - Bikini catfight (58 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1200x800). Both women strike a variety of targets, using their fists, knees, kicks, elbows, hair pulling, and chokeholds. Nastja eventually gets the better of Marta, delivering a more concentrated attack on Marta's weak spots, with multiple blows to the belly and crotch, and frequent grabbing of her breasts.

3 Photoset - Apartment bikini fight (85 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1100x733). This set is characterized by some exceptional catfighting action. It is a no-holds-barred bikini fight where anything goes, plenty of belly punching, groin kicking and stomping and catfighting on the couch.

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TOTAL PICS IN 3 SETS - 196 images

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