Low Blow Catfight - Marta vs Nastja


Do not miss this unique and extreme low blow catfight between fitness beauties - Marta and Nastja in the studio. This prolonged down-and-dirty catfight featured such exciting fighting action that you become to be surely surprised that this brawl bursts all borders. This private-commissioned fight goes back and forth with the main goal to destroy opponents crotch area for both women! Marta and Nastja, dressed in gymnastic leotards, leggings and spiked high heels. They meet each other already so often, so they slug it out for real in this awesome match and things get really downright nasty. Absolutely anything-goes – skilful wrestling holds, crotch clawholds, crotch finger attacks, crotch uppercuts, stomping, punching and slugging to the belly and favorite target to destroy of both women - is the Crotch area! The sensitive female area becomes a attention of both women and they were going after each other’s femininity, sending tons of punches, heeled kicks, spiked stomps and knee hits right between their pretty and slender legs! This action-packed, extreme exciting and prolonged low blow catfight you won’t want to miss!



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