Outdoor Slugging Catfight – Jillian vs Elena


What a amazing catfight in an outdoor setting between young and gorgeous ladies -Elena and Jillian! These are two catfighters in shiny tight fitting pants, bikini tops and heels engage in one of the most all-out catfights ever. The beating both opponents give and receive is very intense, with an amazing number of blows to the breasts, belly, and crotch for each combatant. They also use painful leg scissorholds and hair pullings forcing the opponent to give up. Both beauties use every part of foe's body to crush and destroy it and they repeatedly attack the weakest points of the body. The shiny leggings and bikini tops highlight all the feminine curves on both women perfectly. The expressions used by both fighters are amazingly good and make the action more ferocious. A truly do not miss image set featuring two dynamite ladies!


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 83 images


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