Sword Duel - Mela vs Sammy


In this new fantasy battle with katana swords you will see our beautiful long-legged model - Mela, in black shiny leggings, high heels and top, who fights against a newcomer - Sammy, in black short dress and open toes high heels. This great fight involving a combination of techniques, including sword fighting as well as punches, knees, and kicks. The main targets in this fantasy sword fight are the breast, belly and even crotch area. Must have for all fans of katana sword fighting.


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Girls enjoy hot sword-play
from on 02/14/2019
Mela’s black spandex pants hug her body and cling to her womanhood. Of course, that ends up being a favorite target for Sammy. (This photoset would have been even hotter if Mela’s pants were a lighter color – black partly hides a girl’s subtle curves.)
Sammy is wisely wearing a skirt that doesn’t give her opponent such an alluring target.
The girls battle with their swords, but then Sammy disarms Mela and attacks her with knees and fists.
When Mela’s gets hit her pained facial expressions are perfect. Maybe she regrets giving Sammy such an obvious target.
The sharp photography and bright lighting highlight the hot action.

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