Fight on the balcony – Lexxi vs Blanca and Renee


This two-against-one catfight on the balcony features our three gorgeous ladies - Lexxi, Renee and Blanca, in which Renee and Blanca team up against Lexxi. The heated fight starts as two beautiful women, attired in short dresses, gang up on the voluptuous Lexxi. Numerous 2-on-1 action, belly punching, knee attacks to the crotch, amazing breast punching, hair pulling and multiple blows to the sensitive places. Lexxi’s brutalized body finally collapses as the both winner gloat in their glory! Without any doubt, must have two-on-one catfight for all who like beautiful faces, well-endowed bodies and hard body-slugging.


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 89 images

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