Double attacks – Laura and Stella


A next part of a private-commissioned special interest action. At the beginning of the set our two gorgeous beauties – Laura and Stella - have been arrested, they stand at the wall with threir hands over the head, in the rest of the set these two beauties acting limp, both together, crime scens, sleeping and knocked out poses, with wide open eyes - attired full in black - corsages, shiny black leggings and spiked high heels. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes beautiful women in surrender positions and play-acting limp scenes, motionless and knocked out on the ground in sexy poses! In the first part of the set – Laura has been attacked by Stella, she was gragged by her feet and finally Stella pulls off Laura’s leather jacket from her shoulders. In the next part of the set, both beauties play KOed scenes, also lying unmoving and limp in various poses with open eyes on the ground. Both hitwomen have professional make-up and hair styling.


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SET SIZE - (55 MB - zipped file)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 90 images


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