You are Arrested – Claire vs Jillian


The situation in this image set starts off looking like a arresting scene. Female cop, played by Claire, dressed in red shiny latex costum and armed with tonfa, wants to arrest gorgeous Jillian, who attired in white short dress and high heels. Both women seem to be negotiating a deal, then Jillian starts trouble by punching Claire in the belly. But Claire counterattacks bashing her tonfa between Jillian’s legs. The fight heats up with both women giving and receiving hard beating and applying painful wrestling holds. For a moment it looks like Jillian gets the upperhand, then Claire moves in and chokes Jillian with a rope. Now is Jillian arrested and total under control. Fantastic action with great storyboard behind, the tight fitting outfits are sexy too, displaying each woman’s curves beautifully.


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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 92 images

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