Inga vs Anja collection set

This is a collection of 5 photosets with total 332 pictures. Catfighters - Inga vs Anja.

1 Photoset - Catfight in shiny hotpants (71 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967). Inga and Anja look magnificent in their tight outfits, adding to the excitement of the bout. This fight features plenty of intense choking attacks by both women, along with some elbows, fists, and a few well-aimed kicks and knees to the more sensitive parts of the body.

2 Photoset - Streetfight (58 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1400x933). Lots of street fighting action, self defense skills and of course painful attacks to the most sensitive areas. In addition to that both girls use some wrestling holds. This slugging battle ends with painful chokehold.

3 Photoset - Slugging catfight in leotards (86 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967). This slugging catfight filled with lots of low blow hits! Besides the beating each woman receives between the legs, their breasts and bellies are also given destructive attention. Chokeholds and ground fighting are freely used by both combatants.

4 Photoset - Self-defense fight (62 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967). Body hits, knee attacks, scissorholds, ground fighting and various chocking techniques highlight this photoset.

5 Photoset - Thaiboxing fight (55 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967). Plenty of wild action with punching, kicking, kneeling, grappling and elbow hits.


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TOTAL PICS IN 5 SETS - 332 images

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